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How to build Your own Website?


If you are looking for a way to build your own website or blog as simply as possible, this article can help you.

Are you impatient to choose your domain name before reading the article ?

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I will guide you step by step through this article how to proceed to build your site. 
By following a few simple steps you will be able to set up your own website or blog.

I will deal with the following points:                     

  •  Which form of blog to use
  • How to choose your domain name and web host
  • How to add posts and pages
Blog form used to build my site

The blog form I use and which is used by millions of sites is WordPress.
With the free themes and plugins that WordPress offers you can customize your site as you wish.

Now let’s talk about the domain name…

How to choose your domain name and web hosting

The web hosting I use and recommend is and I will just cite a few reasons as examples.
With Bluehost you have a free domain name.
Generally a dot-com domain name costs between $10 and $15.
You have a free SSL certificate that some charge up to $100 and more.
What I like most is that they have good support and if you need something you can contact them via live chat or phone if you prefer.

You should know that the domain name is your address, that’s what people will see when they access your site.
Web hosting is where your address (domain name) will be visible, stored.
What name can you choose for your site?
My site is If your name is Ally

Your domain name could be,,, or something like that…

If the domain name is not available, you can edit a letter, add a letter, or modify it completely.

You can check the box below to see if there is a domain available and sign up for a domain name and hosting on the next page

After finding your domain, you can choose your plan. The first allow you to make a single site and with the second and third you can have a multiple sites.

Fill the Form

Next, choose your Account Plan and Add Your Payment Information


Scroll down and check « I have read and agree…” and submit

Congratulations! You have now your own website.

You will receive an email with your login information. After logging in, do you need to install WordPress? No, this will be install automatically. This is another reasons  I use this company.

So, what will you see after logging in?




Click on the Blue button and…

You are now in your WordPress dashboard admin area!

How to Choose Your Niche?

Now, we will focus on the content and choose a niche. However, how to choose your niche if you have no idea?

The easiest way is to choose a niche that you like. If your passion is cars, your content will be base around cars. Among the niches that work best, there is weight loss, affiliate marketing and health.

If you are a beginner, health is less competitive .

Once you have made your choice, you just have to produce content and publish it on your site.

For example if your passion is cars, you will be inspired to write a specific topic about cars.

However, if you don’t want to write all your articles, you can outsource some of them here or there

When you have your own article, you can publish it ,That’s what we’ll see on the next page  NEXT