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About me

Hi, it’s great to meet you, my name is joe beneme and I live in Lyon, France. I am self-employed I

like being useful to others. I hope you enjoy browsing my website.

My real name

My real name is Youssef but as I often used “joeneneme” as nickname

I continue to use it for people to recognize me.

I live in Lyon with my wife and we have a normal life like  everyone.

We both work voluntarily with the children. In life I am discreet but I like to be useful for people.

I like traveling and learning languages.

I study English

Currently I study a language that I like very much … English.

I write my articles myself and it is likely that you find mistakes.

Thank you in advance to inform me so that I correct myself.

On other sites I had translated my articles …

All this to tell you that if someone like me (student in English)

and only three years of marketing experience was be able to set up a system to generate income online,

it is obvious that you can do it … and more easily than me!

Sometimes I need to watch a video 10 times to understand, and also

I use google translate to translate terms that I do not understand.

How did I come to do marketing?

My History and Marketing

One day I had a problem with my car radio.

I disconnected the battery and after reconnecting it the screen showed “Enter code”!

I inquired and was told someone who was doing the work for about $11

In reality it was 20 dinars because I was on vacation in Tunisia.

Since I did not have much money, I searched the net and managed to find the code!

And here I said to myself that’s what I want to do …

Help as many people as I can

Make a living online while helping others! My online story started as well.

I had a lot of difficulties when I started.In addition to the language obstacle,

I will mention a list of things I did not know: how to post an article, how to add an image

, how to install word press, how to add and configure plugins

and I did not know how to buy a domain name and  hosting …

The list is long. But the most amazing thing is that everything I knew about computers was turned on and off!

You imagine the number of “stupid” questions I asked.

And how many times I asked for help to make simple stains for most people.

Once I asked “How do you write when you have a blog? I was told it’s simple!

I said “For you but for me it’s very complicated! “So I started to learn.

How many hours a day I worked?

Sometimes I worked 10 hours a day! I knew that I would not be an expert in all these tasks

but I wanted to learn a minimum to be able to be autonomous.

I also knew that for some technical tasks, I had to outsource.

Despite this, I bought a ton of products that did not serve me …

Fortunately, some products and services helped me. Some marketers lie to sell a product!

I advise against lying, always tell the truth. Instead of lying on a product to have a sale;

better to promote a good product and to abandon the bad product … And the lie.

I made a lot of mistakes but I never gave up. And yet How many times have I been tempted to give up?


I would say what many have said before me, to succeed we must persevere without ever giving up,

have the mind set despite the difficulties,

learn what we need and say things our way ..
I wish you the best in life.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and finally find someone you trust to give you good and real information.


Welcome and enjoy my site.

My Best,

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