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Build Your Own Website: Publish and monetize


How to Publish Your Article and Monetize Your Site

Publishing your article and monetizing your site are two important points in building your site.

But before, you will customize your site by choosing your theme.

Choose You Theme

.1- Go to “Appearance”

2- theme. You will see some popular ones already installed.If you want more choices:

3-to view more models or 4-to use the search bar.

When your choice is made click on “activate”.

Don’t be afraid when you see that your screen looks empty and ugly.

It will look prettier when you publish your article and images.


How to Publish Your Article?

Note: This page replaces “Sample page”;
You must delete the content of this “Sample page” and put your own content.

After writing your article on a document, all you have to do is as simple as copy , past , publish.

Then, your site will be built with your published  article. It will only remain to monetize your site.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard, on the left column go down to page,

point the mouse on ‘page’ then click on ‘add new’.

Put a title. Copy your article and paste it.

You can add an image by clicking on “media” then “upload” and search for an image

in your folders from your computer.( more details below : How to insert an image)


Take care to make separations between the lines so that it is readable.

On the right side, you will see a blue button “publish” click on it.

Congratulations, you have your own site online ready to be seen by the first visitors.

This article is very important because it will be shown on your home page.

You can also choose to display your last post.

How to Display your Homepage?Your Latest Posts or A Static Page?

1 In your WordPress dashboard Go to
2 Reading
3 Check  Show Latest Posts or Static Page

4 Scroll down Then click on “Save Changes”

For the posts you will proceed in the same way, Put a title, write or paste your article and add pictures.

How to insert an image in Your WordPress Page or Post?            
  1. Click with your mouse where you want to add the image
  2. Click on Media

3 If the image is not in the library click on Upload, then you can drop your file (1) or select from your computer(2)

(A window will open to your computer)          

  1. Choose your image and open

Click on “Insert into Post or Page”. It’s done!


How to Add an About Me Page on WordPress?

This is a very important page on your site.

Visitors will see that you are a real person and not a robot.  

You can write a text of 300 words or more.

Apply yourself to putting what is relevant for your blog.

You can tell your story and add photos and a video too if you want.

Steps to Add Your About Page

1. go to your dashboard then to Pages and Add New
2. Add the Title “About “or “About Me “or “About Us”.   
3. Write your content and Add Photos and even video if you want
4. Click Publish

How to Add a Contact Page?

1. On your dashboard, go to plugin, add new                    
2. At the top of the search bar write “Contact Form 7”.
3. Click on install then on activate
4. On the left side of the dashboard click on “Contact”.
5. Highlight the code and right click and copy
6. Go to pages then “Add New
7. On the title line name this page “Contact”.
8. On the part where you write your content paste the code.  
9. Publish. It’s done
People now have the possibility to leave you a message that you can consult on your box.

How to Insert a Link in an Image?

After adding your image, follow these few steps:
1. Click on the image
2. go to the Icon as a string and click on it, a window will open at the image level.
3. Copy the link you want to add to the image and paste it in the window

4.Before pressing “Apply” if you want to keep your visitors on your site, press the wheel icon near the blue “Apply” button. A new window will open. Check “Open in a new Tab”
5. Click “Add Link”.

How to Insert a Link In a Text?

Follow the same steps you applied with inserting a link with the image!
1. Highlight the text to which you want to add the link
2. Click on the chain icon
3. Copy and paste the link into the window
4. Click on the wheel icon.
5 Check “Open in a new Tab” and click on “Add Link”.

How Many Articles Can You Publish on Your Posts?

You can do as many posts as you want by writing your articles yourself or outsourcing some of them by  hiring someone on

You can add a new post per day , per week or per month to drive most traffic.

How to Monetize Your Content?

There are several ways to monetize a site or blog. I will just cite an example here and I will update this article soon.
You can choose affiliate marketing to monetize your blog.

Affiliate marketing what is it?

When you recommend products or services to your readers through your affiliate links and

when someone clicks on this link and buys the product or service you get a commission.

Viglink is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog.

Viglink automatically converts your outgoing links into affiliate links.

You will have affiliate links on every article and every time someone clicks

on your link and buys something you will get a commission.

If you wish you can open a free account and apply as an affiliate .

It’s an easy way to monetize your site.
Of course, there are other ways to monetize your blog that you can add later!

Now, all you have to do is driving traffic to your site.

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